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Our town scale projects vary a lot, we have provided our solution for some outdoor pools, some indoor pools, we have provided our solution to all kinds of pools, from smaller to bigger projects. These types of pools are the ones we usually provide our solution most for.

Below we have chosen some of our projects to showcase, the rest of our projects are still being uploaded to our website.



Like most people we don’t like when the chlorine odor is strong, especially since we know chlorine isn’t supposed to smell and we know the reason why chlorine smells more in pools. Our inBlue solution helps minimizing the chlorine odor.


A city or towns highest energy and water consumption usually happens within the swimming pool industry.With the inBlue solution we see a 50% decrease in energy and water consumption compared to any sand filter.


Chlorine allergy symptoms/reactions include itchy red skin, and red eyes. Nearly all of these happen to most visitors, with the inBlue solution we see a decrease in these natural reactions.

Låsby Swimming Pool

Small outdoor pool in Denmark using the inBlue solution.

Customer – Fjordblink

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Klejtrup Outdoor Swimming Pool

Outdoor swimming pool in Hobro with the inBlue solution

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Gribskov Swimming Pool

Gribskov swimming pool is a perfect example of how a swimming pool should look and feel.

Customer – Jysk Svømmebadsteknik

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Greve Swimming Centre

Happiest pool technician found!

Customer – Greve Area Council

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Oxievång Swimming Pool

From sandfilter to inBlue technology.

Customer – Malmö Stad

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Ronneby Swimming Pool

So neat and blue the water is – did you know how chlorine don’t smell?

Customer – Ronneby Municipality

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Bernstorffsminde Private School

Young elite swimmers are throwing out their asthma sprays!

Customer – Bernstorffsminde Private School

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Filborna Arena – Helsingborg

The No-Compromise system!

Customer – Helsingborg Simsällskap

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Alvesta Swimming Pool

Renovation of public pool with three water treatment systems.

Customer – Alvesta Kommun AB

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Sjöbo Swimming Pool

New public pool, one of the most energy efficient in the world.

Customer – NCC Sverige AB

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