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The inBlue concept was invented by Ole Grønborg and Jens Skjølstrup based on scientific research conducted during their time as PhD students and scientists at Aalborg University. inBlue was founded in 2010 by Ultraaqua and Jysk Svømmebadsteknik as a Swedish sister company to develop the idea into a matured concept. Currently, more than 100 systems are in operation in Denmark and in Sweden.
Today inBlue AB in Sweden is mainly owned by employees and the finalized well-proven inBlue concept is marketed worldwide by Ultraaqua in Denmark.

The inBlue part of Ultraaqua is a science-based engineering group, selling key equipment and engineering to achieve the healthiest bathing water in the world by offering a highly innovative and intelligent pool treatment concept. The concept takes its point of departure in an entirely new, proactive approach to sanitation, according to which pollutants and sources of by-product formation are targeted at the source, hydraulically transported and removed rapidly in the treatment plant and recreative area. inBlue cooperates with professional pool companies around the world.

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Rethinking swimming pools

The inBlue solution is a revolutionary way of creating swimming pools, moving into a new generation with non-chlorine by-product water treatment. The solution is built for the future, improving both sustainability, economy and general health conditions.

Tried and tested

The inBlue solution is continuously improved with the goal of reaching a “no by-product” goal. Hands-on experience supported by a dedicated R&D department has resulted in a revolutionary way of improving the water and air quality.

World-wide availability

The inBlue solution is available worldwide, ensuring excellent sustainable conditions in swimming pools all over the globe. Our trusted partner network ensures that the inBlue solution is the best choice to create sustainable swimming pools worldwide.


It all began in 1996 when Skjølstrup & Gronborg A/S was founded by company owners Ole Gronborg and Jens Skjolstrup. The first innovative UV systems were based on knowledge gained from various research activities within water treatment, conducted at Aalborg University, Denmark.

In addition to ultraviolet sterilization, the research work was focused on technologies such as ozonation, biofiltration and filtration of particles (particle analysis). Due to increasing commercial activities, research professorships were gradually reduced over time. UV systems were marketed under the ULTRAAQUA brand name.