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Filborna Arena – Helsingborg

Helsingborg Simsällskap

Year 2010
Industry Swimming Club
Country Sweden


When Helsingorgs Simsällskap started planning the Helsingborg new swimming arena a collaboration with inBlue was chosen from the very beginning of the project. Elite Swimmers knows better than anyone how chlorine by-products affect the human organism. Out of all the national team swimmers worldwide 25-50% is using asthmatic medication regularly!

Filborna Arena went all the way and Helsingborg Simsällskap was of 2011 inBlues most advanced facility in Sweden. It was the first pool to use the inBlue pool surface ventilation technology, which ventilates out the gasses which lays right above the pool surface.

With inBlue technology Helsingborgs Simsällskap also achieves the lowest operating and energy costs possible. The saving is 50% in comparison with other modern facilities.