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Ronneby Swimming Pool

Ronneby Municipality

Year 2011
Industry Town Pools
Country Sweden
Misc Renovation


The more you think you smell chlorine in the swimming pool, the more
you actually inhale dangerous chlorine by-products.
When you enter into the swimming pool in Ronneby the first thing you notice is ultra-pure blue water. Then the comfortable heat that embrace your body, completely free from chlorine smell.

inBlue technology sets new standards for swimming safety and comfort. With the operating costs achieved in Ronneby, all municipalities can afford to run a swimming pool.

  • Hydrotech Microfilter
  • Captura open sand filter system
  • Ultraaqua MultiRay UV
  • Ultraaqua THM Stripper
  • Electrocell chlorine electrolysis
  • Electrocell safe dosing cabinet
  • inBlue PLC Automation
  • inBlue control – Low Range Master