Below you can view selected cases from different types of InBlue installations.

New large scale water park - 7 water treatment systems
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Place: Hyllie Water Park
Type: Large scale system
Status: Completed in 2015

The water treatment system at Hyllie Water Park will be state-of-the-art. The enviroment will be free from chlorine by-products. Operating cost savings will also be an all time low making Hyllie Water Park one of the most healty and energy efficient system in the world.

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Renovation of public pool
Location: Alvesta, Sweden
Place: Alvesta
Type: Public pool
Status: Completed in 2013

Three water treatment systems are invcluded in this solution for the renovation of this public pool located in Alvesta, Sweden.

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Two water treatment systems for smaller public pool
Location: Vadstena, Sweden
Place: Vadstena Simhall
Type: Public pool
Status: Completed 2013

Two water treatment systems have been implemented for the Swedish Public Pool in Vadstena.

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New water recreation center with InBlue technology
Location: Helsinge, Denmark
Place: Gribskov Svømmehal
Type: Public pool
Status: Completed 2013

InBlue technology was chosen for the all new water recreation center in Gribskov, Helsinge community. InBlue drum filters were chosen due to energy and water saving issues, but also to obtain a much better indoor climate.

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Thematized aquapark
Location: Frederikshavn, Denmark
Place: The Reef Resort - Stena Line
Type: Water world at hotel
Status: Completed 2012

More than 135,000 guests visit Scandic The Reef each year. The Caribbean-inspired landscape with palm trees and singing birds has been built around a mountain. Water is deep blue, clean and beautiful. A perfectly safe reef bathing environment. 

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Chlorine smell replaced by clean air
Location: Ronneby, Sweden
Place: Ronneby Swimming Center
Type: Public pool
Status: Completed 2011

They know in Ronneby. The more you think you smell chlorine in the swimming pool, the more you actually inhale dangerous chlorine by-products. When you enter the swimming pool in Ronneby the first thing you notice is the ultra pure blue water.

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No compromises on water quality
Location: Helsingborg, Sweden
Place: Filborna Arena
Type: Public pool
Status: Completed 2010

When Helsingorgs Simsällskap started planning their new swimming arena, a collaboration with inBlue was chosen in the very beginning of the project. With inBlue technology Helsingborgs Simsällskap achieves the lowest operating costs possible.

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The happiest pool attendants found
Location: Greve, Denmark
Place: Greve Swimming Center
Type: Public pool
Status: Completed 2010

Jan Asbjerg has worked at Greve Swimming Centre most of his life. He thinks it's wonderful to see how the water and air quality has dramatically changed after installing a new system from InBlue.

"I can not stress enough how amazing it was to experience this within my time of service".

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From old technology
to new

Location: Malmö, Sweden
Place: Oxievångsbadet
Type: Public pool
Status: Completed 2010

More information shortly.
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Compact design and low operating costs
Location: Månstorp, Sweden
Place: Månstorps Anger
Type: Public pool
Status: Completed 2010

Smaller facilities such as pools for hospitals, hotels or nursing homes, as in this case, can also benefit from improved water air quality by using inBlue technology. The result is perfect water, healthier environment and extremely low operating costs.

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Danish Pavilion, World Expo Shanghai 2010
Location: Shanghai, China
Place: World Expo Shanghai
Type: Exhibition pool
Status: Completed 2010

At the World Expo inBlue Water Treatment Technologies was chosen by the Danish government and Bjarke Ingels Group for the harbour pool in which the Danish cultural icon "The Little Mermaid" was exhibited. The public was allowed access to the pool.

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Scandinavia's largest water park
Location: Billund, Denmark
Place: Lalandia
Type: Large scale system
Status: Completed 2008/2009

inBlue-partner, Jysk vømmebadsteknik in Denmark, built the treatment plant for Scandinavia's largest water park. The experience gained, underlying more than 30 years of work in the bathing water purification industry, is fully used in the popular resort. The resort is located in Billund, Denmark. Next door is Legoland, with resort accomodations for more than 5,000 guests. 

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First system designed by Rambøll with InBlue technology
Location: Køge, Denmark
Place: Køge Waterpark
Type: First large scale system
Status: Completed 2008

The first consultant to pioneer the inBlue technologies for lower operating costs and low chlorine by-products formation was Rambøll. Five water treatment systems with inBlue technology are working in the basement

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Young elite swimmers throwing out astma sprays
Location: Bernstroffsminde, Denmark
Place: Bernstorffsminde Private School
Type: Private pool
Status: Completed 2007

When Bernstorffsminde private school wanted to renovate their educational pool, they were looking for a less or no-chlorine solution. With both the swimming coach and many young students being current or former elite swimmers, they knew very well how the chlorine by-product influenced their health and performance during swimming. They got the very first inBlue solution with much less chlorine and almost no chlorine by-products in the water and air.

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