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In traditional floor jets energy is used with little effect besides chlorine distribution. Water is a dynamic and complicated force to be reckoned with, therefore our team of hydraulic engineers and scientists save clients´ time and money through modeling analysis to predict how water will behave. This allows us to design an efficient system that works as intended. Through many years of science, engineering, and practical experience, we developed the unique inBlue series of inlets to support our preferred hydraulic design for energy saving water returns.

The system is designed with an additional purpose compared to normal chlorine distribution as it generates a slow energy preserving current, which swipes the floor and pool surface towards the gutter and transports the particles to filtration.

The inlets come in 3 different models, from which two are side inlets installed in the pool walls 20 cm above the pool floor level, and one model is a floor inlet placed in the pool floor. The floor inlets enhance the flow generated by the side inlets, which makes the water circulation more effective.

Key highlights

  • Safety approved as the inlet openings are > 25 mm in the side inlets, and < 8 mm in the floor inlets.
  • Super low head loss design due to the hydraulically optimized tubes.
  • +20 years of experience with CFD 3D hydraulic design
  • Several inhouse CFD specialist
  • Competitive price

Side and floor inlets

Water return system in the swimming pool

Pool water return and enhancer in an Olympic sized swimming pool

Testing for perfect water circulation with red dye

The inBlue solution

The inBlue solution is a revolutionary way of improving the water and air quality in swimming pools, while reducing energy and water consumption. Hundreds of individually optimized aspects are combined to achieve a “no by-product” goal. Learn how it works by clicking the button below.

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