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Key Selling Points


Scientific research has shown that increasing air change with UV disinfected “germ-free” air makes a huge difference. Because ventilation systems move air and some infectious diseases travel by air, Central AHU systems and in-room air recirculation units play a vital role in managing infectious disease transmission.

UV air systems cannot be the primary means of infectious disease control. Ventilation system likely will not have much effect on close range transmission by the large droplets that people expel even when speaking but especially when coughing or sneezing. On the other hand, increasing outdoor air or “UV disinfected germ-free air” provides dilution that is a clear benefit. UV systems can help reduce the concentration of virus particles in the indoor environment by reducing the number of small particles (aerosols) that can harbor viral material.

Key highlights

  • Effective elimination of COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria
  • Complete productline with stand-alone systems & in-duct units
  • Safe and simple disinfection, 254 nm UVC
  • Effective protection of employees and ensuring continuity of production & fewer sick days
  • Simple installation in existing or new ducts
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Safe, environmentally friendly, chemical and ozone free
  • No impact on products and safe for employees
  • Flexible adaptation to all round air ducts
  • Up to 16.000 lamp operating hours

UV Ventilation

The InBlue solution

The inBlue solution is a revolutionary way of improving the water and air quality in swimming pools while reducing energy and water consumption. Hundreds of individually optimized aspects are combined to achieve a “no by-product” goal. Learn how it works by clicking the button below.

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