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The ULTRABLUE series is our professional NSF certified pool UV series based on numerous years of scientific research and R&D activities, optimized for disinfection, chloramine reduction, and crypto/giardia safety in swimming pools. The result is much lower combined chlorine and fewer germs, simply healthier water, and air quality. Scientific research conducted over the last 10 years has shown that under normal operation in swimming pools, most of the measured combined chlorine levels are composed of organic chloramine compounds. The ULTRABLUE series ensures a low level of organic combined chlorine from swimming pool water through continuous photolysis with the specially pool-optimized ULTRAAQUA medium pressure lamp technology. The UV lamp can be serviced tool-free. The sensor operates directly in water for accurate output and has a specially developed valve mechanism for cleaning and service during operation in pools where flow stop during opening hours is prohibited.

The reactor geometries and electronic control systems have been designed to minimize operating costs. The large, flanged connections and body geometry results in very low head loss even at a high flow rate. The intelligent PLC control enables automatic excellent operational efficiency by lamp dimming based on combined chlorine sensing, time of day/week timers, or UV sensor. Material selection and components of high industrial quality guarantee long-term trouble-free operation in the mostly hot, humid, and corrosive pool environments. Our recommendation is to dim and operate the ULTRABLUE UV based on a setpoint of combined chlorine measured in real time to save energy. During opening hours, it can be chosen to always maintain a minimum UV dose to ensure a, second to chlorine, barrier for crypto and giardia.

All UV Lamps destroys PVC pipe in chlorinated water, which eventually might break. To avoid general problems the ULTRABLUE UV has sufficient steel chamber length to make it possible to install directly in some PVC pipes. To be sure to avoid problems in PVC pipes we recommend PE or steel piping one meter from the powerful UV lamps or to buy the optional light blocker making no direct UV radiation escape from the reactor.

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Key highlights

  • 3rd party approved – NSF certified
  • UV lamps scientifically optimized for pools – chloramine, cryptosporidium, giardia excellence
  • Energy-saving through electronic ballast capable of lamp dimming based on sensor value, combined chlorine level, or timer
  • Reactor/flange dimensions fit for pool applications minimizes head loss.
  • High-grade electropolished stainless steel AISI 316L construction – Up to 30% energy savings with internal reflection
  • Double security against overheating
  • Complete control with the customizable ULTRATOUCH™ control system
  • Leak-proof spindle system for manual or automatic cleaning with proximity sensor control
  • Optional – Automated ULTRAWIPER™ automatic wiping system
  • Sensor measures direct in water with valve for sensor service during operation

Ultrablue UV system

Low headloss design based on pool tube dimensions

Stainless steel for excellent chloride resistance

NSF Approved

Compact design

Easy maintenance and installation

Medium-pressure ULTRATHERM™ Lamps

The InBlue solution

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