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The gas stripper was invented by inBlue and installed in our first system, and many after that. Our R&D realized that most of the dangerous chlorine by-products like trichloramine and chloroform is gasses that can be stripped out. Several internal and external science projects has led to the current optimized inBlue GAS stripper.

The variation of Gaseous THMs and chloramines over one day typically follows a pattern where the concentration drops from opening time to closing time of the pool due to venting caused by splashing water and general bathing activity. It rises again during the night to a maximum concentration just before opening. Based on bather load, system data and installed water treatment technology, our science department can predict the concentration dynamics of THM and trichloramine in each pool, offering optimal control of unwanted gaseous chlorine byproducts in pools.

By eliminating much of the chlorinated by-products, the ULTRAAQUA GAS-Stripper minimizes the risk of respiratory discomfort for bathers. In addition, water and ventilation air exchange can be reduced thereby also reducing the amount of energy required to operate the entire recreational facility.

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Key highlights

  • Effective removal of THM and Trichloramine to allow a greater number of people in the recreational facility
  • CFD optimized design creating a wortex airflow to maximize air and water contact
  • Sensors continuously monitors the water levels to ensure optimal system efficiency
  • Streamlined system operation through reliable and easy control
  • Minimized risk of respiratory discomfort for visitors
  • Reduced amount of energy required to operate the entire recreational facility
  • Easy mounting and implementation in technical rooms

GAS Stripper

The InBlue solution

The inBlue solution is a revolutionary way of improving the water and air quality in swimming pools while reducing energy and water consumption. Hundreds of individually optimized aspects are combined to achieve a “no by-product” goal. Learn how it works by clicking the button below.

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