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Key Selling Points


The drumfilter is installed directly after the gutter to catch skin cells and other particles before the balance tank, pumps, and other handling that causes dissolving. It is not using any energy under filtration, only during flush. A flush takes around 10 seconds, the interval between flushes is automatic based on bather load, i.e. the water level rise inside the drum due to clogging. The filter operates on gravity with head around 0,3meter. The drumfilters are available in various sizes which allows for optimal adaptation to custom filtration requirements.

The gravity operated inBlue drumfilter uses a factor 10 to 100 less energy than conventional sand or DE filters. Since only a fraction of the water needs to be filtered by sand or DE filters, the overall energy consumption decreases drastically. Most of the water simply can be pumped directly back to the pool from the balance tank. Sand or DE filters, which are traditionally used in pools, operate with a pressure drop when backwashed from 1 to 3 meters plus a typical differential pressure of 2 to 10 meters. The inBlue drumfilter on the other hand operates with a pressure drop when backwashed from only 0.1 to 0.2 meters plus a typical differential pressure of 0.2 to 0.3 meters.

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Key highlights

  • Particles wont dissolve staying for weeks in heated, chlorinated, turbulent sandfilters/DE
  • Less chlorine byproducts since particles is out of water stream before dissolving
  • Removes particles in concentrated stream with short intervals
  • Operates by gravitation, no pump pressure needed
  • Super low head loss < 40 cm (1,3 ft)
  • No need for filters before pumps
  • No need for regular cleaning of tanks



The InBlue solution

The inBlue solution is a revolutionary way of improving the water and air quality in swimming pools while reducing energy and water consumption. Hundreds of individually optimized aspects are combined to achieve a “no by-product” goal. Learn how it works by clicking the button below.

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