About our solution

  • Hydraulic CFX 3D pool models remove dead zones and lower needed pressure to move particles to outlets. Chlorine distribution is optimized.
  • Within hours, more than 90% of particles are removed in inBlue drum filters and wasted to sewer in a concentrated stream.
  • Much less sand filtration with flocculation, or DE filtration, is necessary to remove micro particles after inBlue drum filtration. Typically 10 to 25 percent of the total flow. Less sand or DE filters saves costs and means less energy and water use.
  • Nitrogen originating from urine and sweat is dissolved and will together with chlorine form chloramines also called combined chlorine. With the Ultraaqua Multiray UV system, combined chlorine can be destroyed resulting in a dramatic concentration drop. UV filtration also is the perfect defense against Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
  • THM is formed when chlorine reacts with dissolved organics. The primary THM is chloroform that can be stripped out even in a small side stream. The Ultraaqua THM stripper is designed for this specific task and halves pool THM concentration in a simple effective way.
  • Even with every effort possible to avoid chlorine by-products from forming, we can’t avoid it all. With design help from our scientists and engineers we can help create by-product removing ventilation systems.
Lots of other smaller important issues are addressed in the InBlue concept, and even during construction on the individual site, making all come together to provide the perfect healthy and cost effective system.

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Did you know
German national health authorities issued a declaration in 2011 recommending families with a history of allergies to avoid taking their babies and children below the age of 2 years old to chlorinated pools.