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Catherine Garceau

Catherine Garceau has through her career as a Canadian competitor in synchronized swimming and Olympic medalist felt the psychological and physical consequences of chlorine byproducts on her own body.

In her book Swimming Out of Water she addresses all the serious health issues she has found caused by chlorine and its byproducts during her career. Ole Grønborg is credited by Catherine Garceau in her book (footnote 36 page 85) for his inspirational efforts in the industry to secure healthier pools for everybody.
Today Catherine Garceau promotes the InBlue solution on www.chlorinefreecatherine.com and urges everybody to use Ole Grønborg’s technology in securing healthier and more energy-efficient swimming pools worldwide. 

Please feel free to visit www.swimmingoutofwater.com to learn more about Catherine Garceau and how an Olympian’s struggle inspired breakthrough discoveries in health and well-being.

Elite swimmers dropping asthma medicine

The renovation of the swimming pool at Bernstorffsminde Continuation School in Denmark in 2007 was the pioneering project and thus the first of its kind with the inBlue solution.

From the Whitepaper - Recreational Water: Rethinking pools to boost safety and minimize use of water, energy and chemicals the vice principal of Bernstorffsminde, René Thomsen, shared his thoughts in relation to choosing inBlue:

"All our students swim at school, and many of our elite swimmers had respiratory problemns. We therefore chose to be part of a three year research projects and are now very proud to be able to tell new students that we offer them the most healthy pool in Denmark"

–René Thomsen, Vice Principal

Since the implementation of the inBlue solution – the school has only had good experiences with the solution. When the development projects was kicked off, 6 of the 20 swimmers attending the school had asthma, but shortly after the new concept was implemented all of them stopped using asthma medication.

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Did you know
Chlorine does not smell. The typical smell of chlorine in pools is the dangerous bBy-product trichloramine that is formed when urine is chlorinated.