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Through strategic alliances with leading aquatic design firms in the US, inBlue works alongside with the local engineers and designers to create the healthiest water possible within the scope of the assignment from the aquatic facility, water park or similar asset owner. The inBlue solution is implemented by using the local contractor involved in the projects.

Clarification of needs

If you are interested in the inBlue solution, please talk to your aquatics design firm. They will have information material available to discuss how the inBlue solution could fit into the current project. Your aquatics design firm will be able to demonstrate the cost savings on the O&M cost and calculate the return on investment.
In collaboration between the design & engineering departments at inBlue & your aquatics design firm you will recieve a proposal to implement the design principles of inBlue within: Hydraulics, Filtration and Ventilation.

System installed by local partner

InBlue delivers the components and works with local partners on the installation. In the first 7 years of existence inBlue and its partners has implemented 50+ projects in Europe. Oftentimes the pool is a part of a larger renovation of a recreation center or similar facility and inBlue believe the key to success lies in a close collaboration with the aquatics design firm and the contractors who knows the local conditions and the local facility.

Certification of the in inBlue facility

After successfully incorporating all design principles of the inBlue solution, the facility may be eligible to become an "inBlue Cerified Facility" – the certification is a statement and demonstrates to its stakeholders it's a front runner towards a healthier future for bathers and is safeguarding the planet for future generations.   

InBlue facility ready for use

After successful implementation the swimmers can enjoy a healthy pool enviroment and the facility manager can enjoy the lower cost on the utility bill. The feedback from facilities with the inBlue solution reports that the swimmers stay longer and are happier. The lower O&M cost naturally provides more resources for the facility to make additional investments. InBlue makes economic, enviromental and healthy sense.   

Are you ready for an inBlue solution?

We are glad to hear. You and the facility you represent will will be very happy with the result. Kindly click the link which will
take you to the contact page and we will be happy to connect you with an aquatics design firm in your area.


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