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Why it matters

Study world literature and understand why pool filtration system design has to change now!

The solution

Understand how it can be done, the inBlue way.


Visit some of our customers and read their testimonials.


Get the health and promotion value of the inBlue certified system. Achieve the safest most pleasant recreative environment possible.


Ole Grønborg spoke about Facility Management & New Industry Technology at WAHC

It means very much for me, I'm allergic to...
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inBlue speaking at World Aquatic Health Conference October 2014

Join us in Portland Oregon...
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inBlue featured in latest Whitepaper from "State of Green"

inBlue featured in prominent Whitepaper...
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Did you know
The German DIN standard is the strictest in the world. It allows a minimum of 0.3 to a maximum of 0.6 mg/l free chlorine in public competition pools. A maximum of 0.2 mg/l combined chlorine and THM.